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I will paste the link below for the main page for the Wild Rabbit Tail. The reason why I will be pasting thisis that it will have all the hyperlinks you will need to get to the information regarding everything you need to know about the Wild Rabbit Tail. The tail can be farmed in three places, two in the past, one in the present. I've always had the most luck farming the Wild Rabbit Tail in the present farming spot, Buburimu Peninsula, it usually drops pretty quickly.

Also the Wild Rabbit Tail is used in four quests now. The first, it is one of the items for the sub job quest out of Mhaura. The second, it is one of the items to gain access to Whitegate. The third, it is one of the random items on a list that is needed to raise your level to 95. Finally, the fourth, it is an item needed in a Magian Mog quest that you can undertake when your Beastmaster is level 30. This quest gives you the Beastmaster job emote and a torque neckpiece specifically for the Beastmaster job.  Skyfiredancer (talk) 03:29, May 20, 2015 (UTC)