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Not every WS is the same. Not every person is the same. Youi're probably seeing better players using better weaponskills. Different gear set atmas merits what axe your using what grip crits etc etc

^ what grips? I guess you're too retarded to know a 1handed axe WS won't have a fucking grip involved.

^ or I could simply be listing everything that effects WS. That question was too vague so I figured a broad list of reasons as to why would let you understand that there is more to WS then just merit points. BST sucks.

^ Grips only apply to two handed weapons, excluding hand-to-hand. Ruinator is an axe weapon skill, which is one handed. What types of gear are you using, especially your weapon?

he specified merited weapon skills not axe only

List your gear.

Play a class that requires some finesse and isn't cheesy.

Watching Falcorr do all the work is cheesy, but fighting alongside Hobs with capped Haste is for the manliest of men.

out meleeing sam's and drg's on sch is for god's, simple men are not worthy

who the heck thinks that beastmaster is about going afk while your pet fights? good-geared bst with ruinator can outdamage SAM and DRG in abyssea, with their pet.

Cause your gear sucks. Ruinator can pop 4k in dyna

On top of which you can't put one merit into Ruinator and expect it to do 4k damage, pump all 5 into it and pump gear into STR. Plus most of the other weaponskills focus on stats for the job that gets it (agi in rng and cor for Last Stand or str for Resolution for drk and war) but bst has chr for its main stats so it doesnt get as big of a bonus based on base stats.