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Best chance to learn spells is to cap your blue magic skill & equipping blue AF gear. Good luck.

((((CHR helps also to increases chances of blumagic learning))))

Dia gives an enemy 10 TP, so go BLU/WHM. Try to get the mob down to 25% HP before doing so though

read this scroll down a bit for learning tips. ((((CHR has nothing to do wtih learning blue magic. ))))

Also keep an eye on your list of spells. There has been a "fix" done to a glitch where in the past you would learn a BLU spell, but would not receive a message that the spell has been learned. I still do not trust that the glitch is 100% fixed, so it is a good idea to check your spell list off and on to see if by chance you have actually learned the spell and either missed the message or didn't receive message.

Absolutely keep your BLU magic capped - this can be done by either standing and casting over and over again, casting on mobs or using the Tomes that you can purchase thru Records of Eminence (Links pasted below). Read the first page link titled Category: Blue Magic - it has a pretty good explanation for acquiring BLU magic and the best gear to wear while doing it. Skyfiredancer (talk) 15:43, November 30, 2014 (UTC)