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War is the best job in Abyessa.

Depends on the need

No job is best, it depends on the situation.

Assuming physical damage dealing with mythic WS unlocked, , without Empys, in no particular order

Top tier: WAR, MNK, DRG w/ Drakesbane, PUP, BST, NIN, THF

Medium tier: PLD, BLU, DNC, BRD, WHM

Bottom tier: SAM, DRK, RDM, SMN

LOL tier: RNG, COR

This person ^ is an idiot. RDM and SMN should not be in bottom tier PLD should be in LOL tier Blu Brd and WHM should be in Top Tier Drg should be dropped to Medium aswell as PUP

You can kill/trigger(red/yellow) anything in abyssea with: WAR, NIN, WHM, BLM/BRD, BLU. BLU is only there for one yellow trigger so that's not such an overwhelming plus for BLU but yea...; I would say WHM is the most powerful job in abyssea for group purposes since no other job can cure those giant amounts of HP in a very short time. You should also always have a THF present for obvious reason.

PLD/DNC, NIN/DNC and BST can solo quite a lot.

PUP, DNC, DRG, COR, BRD, RNG, SMN, DRK, SAM, RDM are like totally unnecessary(if u aren't going for blue trigger) but then again we like to play our favorite jobs, rite? Doesn't hurt to bring those along. ^^;

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