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BUMP for new question.  I created this 3 years ago, it should work still for your question.  I would also recommend you learn to use your Region Map.  You can then plot a path anywhere in the game. I tend to get very grumpy if players are always asking directions instead of using the great maps we have in game. Skyfiredancer (talk) 04:50, December 21, 2018 (UTC)

There are several different ways to get to Giddeus but they will all take some set up work before they are available to you. AND before you ask, I've used EVERY ONE of the methods at one time or another LOL!!!

1. West Sarutabaruta Outpost Warp. Two ways to obtain this Outpost Warp. Either wait for your Home Nation to get possession of this Outpost via the Conquest Tally that is done each Sunday or switch allegiance to Windurst when they are in 3rd place and obtain the Outpost warp that way (switching allegiance when a Nation is in 3rd place is much much cheaper). I've pasted a link below that outlines how you switch allegiance. Any Outposts that you obtain while under any Nation's allegiance carries forward to the next Nation your ally with.

2. Airship. There is an Airship that comes directly from Jeuno to Windurst. If you are Rank 5 and have your Airship pass, simply hop on the Airship take it to Windurst. Head North out of Post Windy to Windy Waters, you will pass thru one section of Windy Waters into North Windy Waters. Exit into West Sarutabaruta and head North West to Giddeous.

3. Homepoint Crystal. This one takes a little more set up time. There is a Homepoint Crystal at the very back of Giddeous right outside of Balga's Dais BCNM. You would use one of the methods above. You will have to run all the way thru Giddeous going South, taking the West side of the map. You will see the Home Point crystal just after you pass the domed stone structure that Votary Yag hangs out in.

4. Tenshodo Domenic's BCNM warp. This one does by far take the most prep work, because there is a lot of leveling and quests....that you might have already done. I've pasted the walk thru. After you complete the quest below, Domenic will warp you to any of the BCNM areas listed. For Giddeous you will want Balga's Dais. You will be at the very back of Giddeous.

5. Little bit longer route. If you have access to the spell Recall, Recall yourself to your Allied Nation in the Past. Go to your Campaign Battle Transport Port person and have them send you to West Sarutabaruta [S]. Head straight south, you will find the Cavernous Maw at H-9 along the right hand cliffs. Go thru the Cavernous Maw into the Present, head North and then West to zone into Giddeus at F-8.

6. The original route that takes the longest, but requires very little set up time :D Teleport to Tele-Mea which is in Tahrongi Canyon. Grab a Choco and head south, zone into East Sarutabaruta at H-13. Head South and then West to zone into West Sarutabaruta at E-4 or E-7. Continue heading West until you Zone into Giddeous at F-8.

Lots of options...I did leave a few others out that were much more lengthy - I've been playing for 9 years and have learned the hard way how to get to places fast. The new Homepoint Crystals and Proto Waypoints and other warp assistance are a BIG time saver....I even hung around with another player at one time who refused to use a Choco.......he RAN every where >.> Skyfiredancer (talk) 10:20, July 3, 2015 (UTC)