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Your rank is your standing in your home nation. Rank levels are increased by completing missions. Rank points can be acquired by either completing missions, or by turning crystals into your home nation's Conquest Overseer. This is the same guard that you receive Signet from and you can buy scrolls of warp, reraise and get EXP bands and recharge said bands.

DO NOT give the Conquest Overseer clusters, he will only acept stacks or single loose crystals. You will reach a point where he will say that he will accept no further crystals from youband that the excess of crystals from your last trade will be applied to your Conquest Point Tally. This means your rank bar is full and you can trigger the next mission (if you completed the last)

To check your rank bar status go to the menu on the upper right of the screen, chose Status then chose Profile. The rank bar will be a blue bar toward the bottom of the screen.

Rank points are not equivalent to rank: "Rank" is the actual level (1 through 10) of your rank, whereas Rank points are used to determine if you can activate new missions. Skyfiredancer (talk) 09:01, September 26, 2015 (UTC)