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Okay, Not sure if you are asking how to get to Recall-Jugner or want the spell. So I will address both.

Starting in San D'Oria [S], exit to East Ronfaure [S]. Head to J-11 and zone into Jugner Forest [S]. This will put you in Jugner Forest around F-5. You'll need to work you way around the mountain by the lake then down the river. You will need to go over a platform or two to get to the Recall-Jugner telepoint crystal at (G/H-9).

To get the Scroll for Recall- Jugner, I have included a link at the bottom for a more detailed description. You will need to be at last Lvl 30 and have obtained the Brass Ribbon of Service.

The quest originates in Crawler's Nest [S] with Rodepansat at J-7. After starting Quest you will zone from Jugner Forest [S] into Vunkerl Inlet [S] at L-6. Procreed the Tower at D-4, you will need to click on the backside of the Tower, it is located a short way inside the inlet. BEWARE the Ignis Djinn aggro both sight and sound, they guard the Tower.  It is possible to make it in, touch the Tower, get cutscene and warp out.....but be prepared for anything.  They may aggro lvls 99s. 

Either kill the djinns or sneak/invis to the back side of tower - remove invis and click the tower for a cutscene. Once cutscene is done, if you haven't killed the djinns, they may attack, otherwise return to Crawlers Nest [S] to complete the quest.  Just make plans in advance of how you want to get out of the middle of the djinns if you do not want to fight the djinn.  Skyfiredancer (talk) 20:26, August 13, 2015 (UTC)