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Not sure which way you are going with this question. I'm not sure if you want to restore your macros from the Playonline server or to save/upload your macros from the computer you have been playing on to the Playonline server. Either way it is primarily the same concept. I will paste a link below for the main page on macro.

If you have your macros on the computer you are playing on and want to save them to the POL server to be able to call them up on other computers (this is called restoring them). Log into POL, get to the screen just before you bring your character online, the one that shows your character looking at you with the field of green behind them. You will then press these keys to SAVE to the POL server.

CTRL SHFT ALT S (the letter S)

It will ask you to confirm if you want to save, confirm your selection. To RESTORE, in other words pull your macros from the POL server and save them to a computer you are playing on, you only have to remember 1 letter difference...R for RESTORE. CAUTION, this action will over write the macro that are currently on the character so be sure that you want to do a restore and that the macros are from the correct date.

CTRL SHFT ALT R (The letter R)

After you do this a few times you will get the hang of it and have no problems. But remember any changes you make will not be saved "officially" until you do a log out and save again to the POL server. You can do a "soft save" by logging down real quick and back in, it will hold it in it's memory, but it won't be saved to the POL server. Example you make a change and DC, the change is lost...but if you make a change, do a quick log out it is saved in the memory buffer if you DC you won't lose it, but it will not be saved to the POL server for the next Restore. Good Luck Skyfiredancer (talk) 01:58, December 29, 2015 (UTC) (yes, I'm a macro nut)