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Limit Break 2 or what is also known as Genkai 2 is called Atop the Highest Mountain. I've pasted the link for the main page for all the limit break walk thrus elow.

This LB is pretty straight forward but you will probably need help from some higher level players. You will also need to journey to Xarcabard via East Ronfaure/Ranguemont Pass/Beaucedine Glacie. The 3 NMs you will be triggering can be tough and they spawn very fast.

If you click on each NMs name there is a testimonial at the bottom of there page from others players giving tips for bearing the NM. But most IMPORTANT, don't forget to click on the spawn site a 2nd time after defeating the mob. If you do forget you will be heading back to Xarcabard for another go at ALL the NMs AGAIN to figure out which one you missed clicking on their spawn site after death. Because those mobs redrawn pretty quickly and the next time you click it....say an hour will get the NM again. Good Luck! Skyfiredancer (talk) 23:15, May 30, 2015 (UTC)