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There is a Rumor going around but idk (hoping not)

There is no truth to this rumor, period! While the matter has been discussed on numerous boards, it's just conjecture and wishful thinking on the part of the playerbase SE has never said that it's even considering raising the cap, so rest easy.

It is not true, but I wish they would because it would give new people a chance to experience most of the pre-abyssea areas like East Ronfaure [S] and the Aht Urhgan areas as well as the abyssea areas. This would also give them to learn how to play the job properly and to skillup their jobs for things like the Maat fight ect.

god i wish it was true, sick of seeing 99's who aint even got a clue.

Oh noes!!! Everyone knows a level 30 in an abyssea party is contributing... Yeh right. I've only been playing 8 months and even i'm sick of seeing people who have got no clue about the job they are playing because it's been burned in abby. Can't imagine how frustrating it is for the folks who worked hard to build their chars pre abyssea. If you can't kill the regular mobs 1 on 1 then you shouldn't be anywhare near that area. Gtfo leeches, learn to play your job propperly and explore the other 90% of the game you are paying for.

I have no idea if this is true or not. I would guess the motive behind this change would be to control RMTs because I and everyone I know has been getting a lot more /tells from them latley and I think they are making a big chunk of their money from fell cleave abyssea parties

considering the upcoming staff change, i have a feeling this will be in the works. abyssea pre-75 killed the game, and it needs to be removed or limited to preserve any integrity. i know many people who find it sad that a party of 6 "average" lv99s will wipe to a lv80 HNM that can be easilly soloed by almost any job now.