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the unity npc in all home nations besides the records of eminence npc will warp anyone to xarcabard for 100 accolades. this works even if you have never been there before   (Location of Unity NPCs Skyfiredancer (talk) 02:21, July 20, 2016 (UTC))

Old answer: Go from East Ronfaure -> Ranguemont Pass -> Beaucedine Glacier -> Xarcabard

New answer: If you've unlocked the Lycopodium shortcut in Batallia Downs, you can go from Batallia Downs -> Beaucedine Glacier -> Xarcabard.

Either way, be sure you pick up the Vahzl telecrystal while you are there so next time you can just buy a teleport-vahzl from a friendly white mage. East Ronfaure: K-4 > Ranguemont Pass > Beaucedine Glacier > Xarcabard. walking

This is not a case of an old and new way, just 2 different ways to get to Xrcabard.  The mandy short cut has been there for a very long time.  Be aware, you can not use Chocos in this area

I do want to clear up info regarding "touching" a teleport crystal.  It does now allow you to buy the teleport spell/scroll - you can do that without touching the crystal, at any time. By touching the crystal it allows you to be able to be transported to that crystal when the WHM spell Teleport-"whatever" is cast on you while you are in party or casting it yourself.  

If you've never touched a crystal or homepoint you can't warp to it, keep that in mind at all times while traveling.  Whenever you are in the area of a Crag (telepoint), a Homepoint, a Fields of Valor book, a Grounds Tome (in dungeons), Way Points or Proto-Way points, go out of your way to secure those points for future travel.  It makes life a lot easier.  I will put as many links below as guides to where these places are.  Also can't hurt to do the Outpost weekly supply runs when an OP is under the control of your nation...never know if it might come in handy.  Also the quest Lure of the Wildcat, which makes getting to Whitegate much faster...where there are home points.

You can also quest for the scroll and sell on AH for profit IF you don't intend to level WHM and use the teleports.  I used my mules to quest for the scrolls...but then again I'm a bit obsessive.  Skyfiredancer (talk) 23:28, July 18, 2016 (UTC) (OUTPOSTS)

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