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The Labyrinth of Onzozo zone is located on the Buburimu Peninsula at (K-6) in the upper east side of the map. On the east side of the map there are a series of ramps that lead down to the water. You want to take the last, most northern ramp. When you reach the bottom, head for the waterline, again in a northern direction. The zone will be slightly hidden by an outcrop of rocks. Do not rest or heal in this area, there is a pain in the ass goblin that patrols this section.

There are four ways you can travel to the Buburimu Peninsula.

Outpost warp (E-7). I'll paste a link below regarding this mode of transport but the basics are that in order to have the ability to warp to a particular Outpost you would have had to deliver supplies to that Outpost while it is under your Nation's conquest control.Edit

Cavernous Maw (F-7). As with all the Cavernous Maws you will have to activate the maw in the past first then turn right around and activate it in the present. Maws can make a very fast mode of transport if your Home Point is set anywhere near one of the Maw transporters.

Overland. Sometimes there just isn't an easy way to get to an area if you've never been there before. Basically, you need to make your way to the Tahrongi Canyon, which is north of Windurst. The zone into Buburimu Peninsula from Tahrongi Canyon is at (K-8). Then all you have to do is head east to find the Labyrinth of Onzozo zone at (K-6)

By water. This one is a major time saver if you find yourself in Sandy or Whitegate and you want to travel to the Buburimu Peninsula. From Selbina or the most southern port in Whitegate you can take a ferry that will deliver you to Mhaura. Simple zone outside the gates of this very small fishing village and you will zone right into Buburimu Peninsula. Good luck. Skyfiredancer (talk) 19:57, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

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