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It is actually very easy to save to the POL server. You didn't specify whether you're using a computer or a PlayStation, so I will paste below a link that will take you directly to the page for macros and on that page are the instructions for both computer and PlayStation.

If you are on the computer it is easy to do what I call a "soft save", after you have made changes to existing macros. Simply log your character out and log back in and it will do a temporary save. I use this method if I'm in a hurry and don't want to go through the formalized save routine.

And once you save your macros to the POL server you can save them onto one of your mules as a backup just in case you make changes that you don't like on your original and you want to go back and retrieve something that you had done four or five months ago.

The basic command for a computer is Shift-CTRL-ALT B (as in BACK UP). If you go to another computer or need to restore your macros the command is Shift-CTRL-ALT R (as in RESTORE). Very simply and it will give you the dates of when the file was saved. Make sure to back up often!!!! Skyfiredancer (talk) 02:35, July 22, 2015 (UTC)