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It is very easy to find. Head for Konschtat Highlands, you will want to zone into Gusgen Mines at L-7.

Go straight down the long, downward sloping tunnel until you get to the FIRST TUNNEL. You will take the 1st right hand turn, head down that tunnel, which will end in a T. Take the right tunnel again and you will zone into Oldton Movalpolos within 15-20 feet (you charcs strides if you're not a Taru :-) The zone is located at I-9 on the Gusgen Mines map.

FFXIwikianswers still says that the map for this area is still gotten by chest and it is NOT easy. Link to online maps below. Have fun in there, I love the mobs in there. They can be hard to kill even for a 99, due to the linking aggro problems but they are funnier then heck! A nice change from the Dunes goblins. Skyfiredancer (talk) 15:42, June 17, 2018 (UTC)