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This question would be easier to answer if I knew what your starting point was. I'm going to guess your starting point is Jueno. Go thru any of the Cavernous Maws around Jueno, preferred is the one in Rolanberry Fields. This map is set up pretty much the same as the current day Rolanberry Fields. You will want to exit into Pashhow Marshlands (S) (H-14).

This map is also set up pretty much the same as present day Pashhow Marshlands. You will make your way south, do not take the short cut that would swing you past the Beadeaux zone, there are a lot of nasty mobs waiting down that way last time I checked....take the long route around and there will be a Cavernous Maw and a Recall Tele-point you can get if you take the long way to (F-11). ). Just keep an eye out for it, it will be on left hand side and is kind of hidden.

Note: The entrance to Grauberg is not covered by grass and looks just like any other place in Pashhow Marshlands. The only difference is that it will not show up as part of the map when you enter, and you do not "zone" into it right off; you can see a large beastman type gate when you get to F-10.

Once you are in Grauberg, be careful, there are Chigoes and True Sight mobs....the Hippogryphs >< LOL (I found out the hard way the first time) Skyfiredancer (talk) 04:54, December 7, 2013 (UTC)

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