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If you dont have the telepoint (Altepa Gate Crystal) or the Homepoints in Rabao or Quicksand Caves you are going to want to travel to Bastok. While in Bastok, go to Bastok Mines then to Zehrun Mines. From Zehrun Mines talk to NPC to allow you to go into the huge gate. Keep running and youll zone into Korroloka Tunnel. Make sure you have sneak/invis as there are moderately high level mobs and go all the way through the tunnel. At the end you will zone into the Altepa Desert. Make sure you get the telepoint and the Homepoint crystal in Rabao so you dont need to make the trek again

Who ever answered this, in the future please make a point of giving map coordinates to make it easier for those following your directions to find their way.  You and I have been to these areas, they have not and do not know what to look for or what to expect.  If they haven't figured out how to use Conquest and Region maps to get to different areas, then instructions without map coordinates or links to pages will do them no good.  Skyfiredancer (talk) 22:24, May 22, 2017 (UTC)

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