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As a first time traveler, there is only one easy way to get to Xarcabard.  From East Ronfaure travel to K-4 and enter Ranguemont Pass. (As a note, if you are lower leve,l sneak and invis of some sort is highly recommended for this entire trip.) Travel through Ranguemont Pass from G-12 where you enter to L-4 and exit to Beaucedine Glacier.

The Glacier is confusing without a map, so I would recommend either doing the quest for it beforehand or purchase it from a map vendor.

Upon exiting Ranguemont Pass travel to H-9, zone into Beaucedine Glacier.  Take the ramp north up to the next level. From there travel north to H-7 and take the ramp west up to the higher level. After that travel north and west to F-6 and zone into Xarcabard.

Map Quest

Main page to Xarcabard on FFXIcolpieda

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