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Activating your Support Job or Sub Job is accomplished by finishing one of two quests in game:

  • Elder Memories offered by Isacio in Selbina after your main level is 18 or higher
  • The Old Lady offered by Vera in Mhaura after your main level is 18 or higher

In each case you're requested to find very specific items that can not be traded for or bought from Auction Houses, Character Bazaars or NPC Merchants. They must be found by defeating certain monsters and obtaining the random drop of the item.

Bring the NPC the items he/she requests will allow you to set a second job as your Support Job at half rounded down of your current level. For example a Dancer/Thief at level 20 would have access to all the special abilities/traits/etc of the thief at half the level, in this case 10. At level 21, half rounded down would be 10 as well. Certain exceptions apply to the abilities/traits/etc... that you can get from the Sub job, for example you do not have access to your Sub jobs' 2Hr Ability however the other abilities are available as long as, like in our example the level 10 thief would have normally had access to them as well. In some cases the Sub Job ability may be further scaled back such as Bards or Corsairs who normally have 2-3 Song/roll effects that could be active at the same time, as a sub job the number would be slightly decreased.

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