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As the name implies, the Anniversary Ring is a prize in celebration of Final Fantasy XI Online's release date anniversary. The in-game celebration is known as the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign. Other events may give out the ring, such as the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign (12/08). The item page lists all applicable events to date.

Anniversary Event InformationEdit

The anniversary event occurs once a year in the month of May. On May 1, PlayOnline makes a news release regarding the current year's event. The release is available on a variety of websites.

News SourcesEdit

You can also subscribe to the releases using the RSS feed.

These sites use the official site feed. However, it can save you a trip if you already use one.

The news release includes the actual event start and end dates, as well as the location of the NPCs/Moogles that you can obtain the ring from.

It is best to read all event news releases to see what items are being given out. New or existing events may award the Anniversary Ring.

Obtaining an Anniversary RingEdit

Only one Anniversary Ring may be in your possession at a time (including inventory, safe, storage, etc), and you can only obtain it once per year.

If you have a ring from a prior year or other event and have not obtained it from the current event, the following should be done:

  1. If the ring has charges, use them up as quickly as possible before the event end date. With an Enchantment charge count of 10 and a cooldown period of only 1 hour between charges, it is easy to use them up in a matter of days. The event usually runs 14 days, so you have plenty of time to use your current ring.
  2. Once the ring is out of charges (0/10), it has no further use and can be disposed of. If you are unable to use up the remaining charges (ex: 2/10) before the event ends, dispose of your current one, and then get a new one.

After you are certain an Anniversary Ring is not in your possession, and you have not obtained it from the current year's event, you can obtain a new one from a designated NPC.

Once the event is over, it is not possible to obtain an Anniversary Ring until the next event that awards one.