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If you are currently leveling your first job (excluding Puppetpaster, Corsair, Blue Mage, Dancer, or Scholar) you may need to complete the appropriate Limit Break for your level. Talk to Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5) and he will give you a quest depending on your level. After you recieve the quest, check your quest log located Main Menu>> Quests>> Current >> Jeuno.

The following quests are given by Maat: 1. In Defiant Challenge 2. Atop the Highest Mountains 3. Whence Blows the Wind 4. Riding the Clouds 5. Shattering Stars

After finiding the appropriate quest name that you are on, enter the quest name in the FFXIclopedia search box, located at the left hand side of every FFXIclopedia page. That will lead you to the quest's page and give you more information on how to complete the quest.

If you are leveling Puppetpaster, Corsair, Blue Mage, Dancer, or Scholar as your first job, you need to do a special quest for that job. Enter the corresponding Quest name in the

FFXIclopedia search box.

Puppetmaster: Achieveing True Power Corsair: Breaking the Bonds of Fate Blue Mage: The Beast Within Dancer:A Furious Finale Scholar:Survival of the Wisest

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