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I'm guessing that you are asking "what is Ease of Exploration". It is a trait that is granted when the scattered mog tablets are returned to the mog in Jeuno. If it is granted is dependent on which tablets are handed in first. You will only have this trait until the mog tablets are scattered again.

Ease of Exploration is simply a way to get from city to city a little easier - for a price. But there is a requirement you have to meet first - you have to be level 30 to use it.

There will be an Explorer Mog located in each city (except Jeuno - this city is NOT included). Talk to the Mog and he will ask you if you want to go to Sandy, Windy, Basty, Mhura or Selbina - for a charge of 300gil.

In Sandy the Mog is in North, near the fountain, next to the Outpost Warp NPC. In Basty it is located in mines, just outside of the Mog house. In Windy it is located in Port, again just outside of the Mog house. In Selbina it is located in the area where you enter Selbina from the Dunes, you will see it on the right hand side before you go down the stairs. In Mhura it is also located in the passage way where you enter from Buburimu, but this mog will be on the left hand side.

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