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Not always. You just have to watch the weather patterns and ask the Weather Watchers in either Sandy or Jeuno to find out when there will be lightening.  I used to spend days at a time with my mules in an area inside of Jugner, called Carpenter's Landing, farming Lightening Clusters to sell on the AH.  I had to check with the Weather Watchers until the conditions were Lightening and hope it stuck and no one poached my camp.  You can't rely on just rain as an indication. Here is a link show a map where all the elementals spawn.   Skyfiredancer (talk) 22:07, May 20, 2017 (UTC)


Thei 2 Weather Watchers are easy to find if you know who you're looking for. Typically they are wearing a very light blue tunic that has a head covering that is trimmed in a darker blue color. They are also always facing out looking out at the horizon. The two you need to check with for weather patterns are at:

Appollon Upper Jeuno (G-6)

Maleme. south Sandy (J-8)

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