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Great, one of my top 5 favorite jobs....better news you can build this into a macro for easy use! I'll paste links below for reference times, misc self skill-chain and their values plus other info you may find useful.

Start with your TP bar full because you will need your Finishing Moves for the SFC (self skill-chain).  This is how you would build the macro or the order you would do the Job Abilities and weapon skill.  My "wait times" are based on my computer and network delay - you can always adjust them to fit your needs.

/ja "Building Flourish" <me> <wait 12>  (will use 1-3 Finishing Moves)

/ja "Wild Flourish" <t> <wait 4>   (will use 2 Finishing Moves)

/ws "Shadowstitch" <t>

As you note Building Flourish uses 1-3 Finishing Moves and Wild Flourish uses 2, that is a total of 5, hence the reason why you should start with your TP bar full or at 1000% before you start your SFC.  Skyfiredancer (talk) 00:24, December 2, 2015 (UTC)