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Unfortunately the short answer to this is No.

Characters are attached to content ID's purchased prior to starting the character. The Content ID's are Unique to the Playonline account you have and can not be transferred between different accounts. It is possible to transfer the character to a different world after it's initial creation, however you're still the only one in sole control of the character without giving up the whole Playonline account.

In a way this is a good thing because you can't send a level 1 character to a separate account in order to power level it by another character on the original account. and additionally it prevents someone from leveling a character just to sell it to someone else (violating the User Agreement I'm sure) and transferring it to them.

On the other hand though, for someone who wants to start a totally new character and get it up to speed as quickly as possible, the inability to self-power level your own character through a second account makes this that much harder. There's arguments for both sides, however, the one most people stick to is it unbalances the game by being able to transfer characters around like trading cards.

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