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Some of the PLD Af quest can be soloed, yes. However there are many parts of the quest where you will need help from a high level unless you team-up with some other people that happen to be in the quest. It usually helps to find someone on your server that has done it before. If you do that and ask them to help the chances are pretty high that they will be nice and go help you. I'm gonna post some links that you can check out to prepare for the quests. And don't think you can do them out of order cause you cant. The only two quests you can do at the same time are the last two. Do some research on where you have to go, cause there is nothing worse then someone asking for help and then not knowing what they need help with. And just another note, as someone who has completed PLD Af, don't underestimate the lvl 60 body piece NM's. They are tougher then it seems, the add's in the area make it very tough, they have a 5 min re spawn and if you don't come with enough dmg to kill them fast enough they will start re-popping during the NM fight and that makes thing really difficult.




--Lagato-Ragnarok 23:35, 14 June 2009 (UTC)

Please also note that yes all these quests can be soloed by a 75 THF although it was very tough on the body fight... (2 of the coffers must be opened by PLD but you can farm the keys for these on THF).

Recoil - Fairy Server

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