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A BST before 35 Should have A Centurian Set of Armor. Try and Stay close with Your Weapons Level to your Characters. Don't be afraid to camp an Augment Either, it can be very benificial. Rings and earrings, Lv 14 earrings will do and i personaly cant stand shopping for earrings. You can be Using Courrier Carries as soon as You hit lvl 23.If you can't afford those (~15k a stack) Just get The SheepFamiliar, Or crabs. Can be easily be obtained from a NPC in Kahzam. If you dont have access, to the AH you go.Look Under [weapons]then[Ammo]and then [PetItems]. I highly recomend going to Jueno for all purchases. As far as Camps for soloing and Where to party. Thats all person preference.FOV ofcoarse.Try to get easy mob mixed with decent Challenge. I Find some places are good and alota places aren't. Its fun to Learn the old fashion way. Good luck and have fun. My bst is lvl 53 and things are getting interesting. Fun. Excitement. You can have this! Stick with BST. There pretty daam good. dnc sub for solo, though white mage is best. war or drk or nin all depending on lvl. these have worked wonderfully for me. Just throw that flag up and Solo till you get a Party invite and you'll be a experience Machine. Do bcnm Jelly's When you are able. Good gill source. Get To it75.67.166.183 07:55, September 24, 2009 (UTC)Pur~PORage

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